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  • Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost

    While my car is in at RCM this week, I've hired a car for a couple of days. I'd gone for a 1.2 litre group B car (Corsa, Clio, some other shopping trolley ) but got a free upgrade to a Focus.......

    .........a BROWN Focus (they can call it "Burnished Glow" all they want, but it's essentially as brown as a brown thing!!)..........

    ...........with a 1.0 litre engine..........

    Thankfully, it's their new three pot, turbocharged "Ecoboost" engine, with 123bhp. What an amazing engine!! First time I gave it some welly, it shot off a lot quicker than I'd expected, with a nice little growl too, and I thought - well, that's surprising!! I assumed it was a strong 1.6, a 1.8, or possibly even a 2.0 litre engine, it performed that well. I was astonished then to look at the tag on the keys and see "1.0 litre petrol" on it!! It goes well enough, sounds good, and does an alleged 50+ MPG. They fit the same engine to a slightly hot version of the Fiesta, and I think that would make a great junior hot hatch

    Just a shame it's still a BROWN car it's fitted to!


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    Wot on earth are you having done ?, surely you must be out of thing's to do to the scooby by now lol.
    1996 ver 2sti 368bhp, 6 speed box, 2.1 stroker engine, pace fmic and rad, tein super street coilovers, 8 pot k-sport fronts 6 pot rears, 18" 8j et11 team dynamic wheels, side exit exhaust, full whiteline kit including strut braces and h-brace and anti-roll bars, full custom roll cage, bonnet lifters, ABW diffuser, arches, reverse scoop, and coming soon side skirts.