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new to scoobycity site ideas and car insurance help

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  • new to scoobycity site ideas and car insurance help

    hi i went to snetterton today to see cars testing and saw a subaru impreza p1 with a scoobycity sticker thats how i found you. but when you arrive on the site it would be better if you point out that this is a forum for subaru owners/ need an about section like many sites have. ill put some videos on my youtube account in next few days. i just got a subaru impreza and love it..but getting car insurance was a real pain, when they ask how many miles you do a year its a guess isnt it ? but how can they know if you do way more than you tell them ?, also my car has 2 immobilisers apparently but i guess they think i have 1 should i tell them i have 2 ?, also just had to buy battery for it for £95 the rac went and got is that an ok price ? seemed a lot to me my last battery for a lancia was £40