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    Hi all,

    I am looking at returning to Impreza ownership after some years away (the call was too strong to ignore!!). I am looking at a STI's at the moment and I have spotted a 2011 that I like the look of but there is only one thing that is putting me off it at the moment which is the seats. It has the part leather/alcantara seat in the rear but not the Recaro STI part leather/alcantara in the front just full plain fabric which I used to have in my WRX.

    Do you think these have been changed or is it an option to have the Recaro STI seats.

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    Doesn't sound right to me, you'd expect to have a full matching interior? If it had leather/alcantara in the front but cloth in the rear, you'd maybe think they'd been upgraded, but the other way round? Unless the previous owner was a bit broad in the beam, and the STI seats being grippier didn't fit in them, but standard WRX seats are perhaps a looser fit and they suited them more?

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      my 2011 has the Recaro STI seats fitted as standard
      [SIGPIC] well


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        I thought it looked a little odd. Another though I had was the previous owner swapped them with someone with a wrx. I may steer clear of that one!


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          I definitely thought that they should match


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            they should definitely match so I would say some one has made a few quid by swapping them or selling them.

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