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    Fought i would post a up date on the wrxs, having brought it standard it needed a few essentials fitted lol,

    First up the exhaust system was really raspy sounding , so off with that and a quick chat with scoobyworld a full afterburner system was ordered, now sounds like a proper Scooby with almost classic sound ,

    Suspension was a bit floaty so ditched the spring's and replaced them with tein 40mm one's, the great news about the hatch setup is you don't need to completely remove the rear shocks, now it performs perfectly,

    Brakes where almost completely shot and for some bizarre reason Subaru only fitted 2 pot fronts on their most powerful wrx built, so binned the lot replacing them with k-sport forged item's, 356mm front 330mm rear, and now it stops on a sixpence ,

    Next up engine build by pvd power and bigger turbo .

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    1996 ver 2sti 368bhp, 6 speed box, 2.1 stroker engine, pace fmic and rad, tein super street coilovers, 8 pot k-sport fronts 6 pot rears, 18" 8j et11 team dynamic wheels, side exit exhaust, full whiteline kit including strut braces and h-brace and anti-roll bars, full custom roll cage, bonnet lifters, ABW diffuser, arches, reverse scoop, and coming soon side skirts.

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    The Lord Lucan of Scoobycity, hasn't been seen in months.


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      Is saw what you did there lol.


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        Looking good
        The Lord Lucan of Scoobycity, hasn't been seen in months.


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          looks clean that. good choice of wheel too
          2002 BMW 330ci M-sport convertible..... why not!!!!!


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            you got postimage working in the end then


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