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    good day to all and belated happy new year to all, although it's not a good start for me as my scooby has a gasket gone and it need to be replace and cost me a lot. Any suggestion or idea what sort of head gasket and thickness I need to put in. I've got 2002 bugeye ej20 128000 on the clock. Any comments and suggestion is much appricated. Thank you guys in advance.👌

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    I'd just stick with an OEM one from a main dealer. No idea what thickness they are


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      The multi layer steel oe headgaskets are fine for a replacement or if you want to run extra boost ,you could use either a rcm or cossie "stopper" headgasket but that's probably overkill on standard internals.
      try import car parts for any of the above and if you look on their website it will probably list the thickness of the oe gasket for your model 😉

      only use genuine subaru gaskets (rocker ,manifold,turbo outlet ,head bolts ect ) as although ebay one's are cheaper they don't last or seal as well as subaru ones .

      yet again luke at "import car parts " is about the cheapest for all oe subaru stuff
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        Ok thanks for your suggestions Iíve got an idea now 👍


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          No problem, bud.

          if it's been running a while with the headgasket leaking, the coolant can cause extra pressure during combustion. So sometimes it can cause the bottom end to fail shortly after replacing the headgaskets .

          I don't mean to worry you and if it's been caught early enough you should be fine but just thought I'd mention it. As while the engines out with the heads off ,most of the labour for a bottom end refresh has been done .

          best of luck and let us know how you get on 👍