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Step by Step Engine removal and rebuild

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  • Step by Step Engine removal and rebuild

    anybody know a good link to a guide on removing an engine from a 1995 uk turbo? cheers

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    waw, when youi say it like that it sounds weeeel easy, is it?

    thisl be the first time iv taken an engine out of a scoob.


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      aa thanks mate, it wont be going in for a while, going to build it up to be a sweet engine, mony allowing, haha, so any recomandations on where to get decent parts, and any tips whilst im in the engine!haha,


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        Originally posted by marty

        And dont leave any tools in there
        haha, wouldntbe the first time iv left a tool in a daft plase,

        wel the engine is ready to be lifted now, not bad it took me three hours to get every thing off and ready to lift, only thing to take off now is the rear engine mount bolt on the driver side, how the hell do i get to it?!


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          a i thought io had to undo the four bolts on the engine mounts not the two from the engine mount to subframe!haha hopefuly twmoro eving itl be out


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            wel, iv undone the right bolts and iv removed the clutch fork, now ready for lifting, still seems quite attached its just the dowls on the gearbox bell housing now, hmm, goro finda lifter now!


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              aha good tip,

              once i get hte heads off is their enything i should do to them befor i put them back on? cus im quite confident spliting it and replacing the bearings n sduff, not shure bout heads,

              also, are their any upgrades i can do whilst im in their s in like upgrades from other versions, like would pistons and rods from an sti? im trying to keep costs right down like.


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                right, iv orderd some acl bearings and a gasket set alredy, is 3 bond a type of sealant like?

                is a new crank esential? how much should i be looking at for one?

                at least im saving loads of monay doing this work myself ai.


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                  whats the best way of leaning everything down, with the outside of the components i was going to scrub em with a brush cover with carb cleaner then jet wash it off, but what about the internals n sduff?


                  w a mate of mine asked f i had a centre or rear thrust crank, i was like ???eeeii u wat???? haha, any cluse?


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                    o cwl, what is centre thrust enyway?

                    a so carb/brake cleaner will do inside and out? ideal, what would i use to oil everything up, engine oil?

                    thanks :-D


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                      aaa oki do!thanks for all the help!


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                        well, the engine is on a work bench in thousands of peases haha, this is why bottom end bearings should be changed imidatly when it starts knocking like i did

                        bottom bearings for pistons 1,3,4

                        and a close up of piston 4
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                          Re: engine removal

                          right, nex issue, instaling the pistons,

                          just to check iv got this right:

                          -position required rod with small end at piston pin hole

                          -place piston ring compresor on piston

                          -with ring gaps at like 10 past 10 (clock)

                          -close compresor and place in cylinder bore mouth

                          -tap the piston down into cylinder

                          -keep going till every thing lines up

                          -piston pin in

                          -circlip in,

                          job done, is this correct?

                          thaaank u


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                            Re: engine removal

                            This thread has to be the most informative step-by-step rebuild ever.

                            Keep up the good work both of you as I've now made this thread sticky.
                            Here's why I've not been about much lately. - Super Hereo's Discuss DannyBoy's Business.


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                              Re: Step by Step Engine removal and rebuild

                              cheers bud, ill get some pics up tonight hopefuly