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  • Aquamist pumps

    I'm pulling my hair out and I can't get my head around it I need some help please.

    I have install an aqua mist system with a manifold pressure switch, the tank is in the boot of car.

    I would like to know how to wire up the small pump in the tank to switch on at the same time as the main aquamist pump switches on, I have ran positive and negative to the engine bay and spliced into the red and black wires that plugs into the aquamist main pump. When I switch the ignition on the pump in the tank continuously operates! I've missed something the pump should only switch on when the manifold pressure switch reaches the desired boost level. Can someone point me in the right direction what I've done wrong?

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    I dare say there must be some form of sensor that senses the manifold pressure to switch on the pump via a "exciter" wire to the pump .

    maybe give the model number a google and have a look to see if there's a sensor in the kits online that your missing .

    if it's a water/ methanol injection kit ?

    Once functioning properly id suggest to get it set up on a dyno to get the full benefit too 😉


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      I found out that I'm missing a pulse extractor, aquamist no longer manufactured this part, it's vanished while the car was have some work.

      I'm trying to find out with the Alcatek ecu 3 plugs 1998 the only suitable output would be on the IC spray relay I could do that as a trigger wire to activate the rear pump.