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FMIC and I/C spray

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  • FMIC and I/C spray

    Having some issues with this one. When I bought the car Inwas told everything was in working condition.
    Driving home I noticed the I/C light came up on the dash.

    At home, I refilled the bottle and noticed the water was dripping out of the jet behind the number plate with no pressure behind it. That and I hadn't actually pressed the button for it.
    after speaking to a local dealer and being told the bottle was in the boot, which it clearly wasn't, it was suggested the system needed a clean through. Either high pressure air or some form of descaler.
    Thing is, if the water is constantly dripping it would say to me the system is clear of obstructions.

    Is it safe to say the pump is knackered? Been looking into fitting a 12l tank in the boot, but my knowledge of electrical is pretty much zero. Any suggestions?

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    Could try fitting a UK sti tmic water spray system and just extending the lines to reach the fmic ? .

    or if it used to work ok ? just seeing what pump you have and buying a replacement pump


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      It's going into garage tonight to have airline blown through it to clear it. I'm gonna ask if they can take a look at the pump at the same time.
      I can't actually say I've heard the pump going when the button has been pressed.
      As for tmic, I don't know. FMIC was already in place when purchased. All it has is one single line running from behind number plate, down right side of block into underside of Ic water bottle.


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        Everything works. It's the jet nozzle on the end of the line. It's not enough, needs 2 and once the pump switches off, the excess in the line drips out giving me the idea that it's just not working.


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          Could you just buy a pair of screen wash nozzels (bonnet mounted washer jets ) some vac line and a t piece from eBay or A.S.H , to renew the lines and nozzels?