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  • Overheating

    So I've done approx 500 miles since buying the scoob, all good up untill today. Now I know its warm outside, but something isnt sitting right with me.
    I've just gone to take partner into town, 2 miles at most. I've got less than half a mile from home and had to pull over.

    Car didnt see over 3,000rpm, it was moving, wasnt too close to the car infront either. Temperature went through the roof.
    I'm yet to look under the hood, untill it cools down.

    Water temp hit 115 degress according to the pod, dash showed it just under the little red mark.

    Could someone suggest, or give me an idea as to what it might be causing this? I'm pulling my hair out here.

    I've put my foot down in it on more than one occasion, temperature stayed real low. I've driven for 2 hours solid, temperature stayed low.

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    Thermostat, i'd guess


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      Already found one little issue. Will fix soon as cooled down. I've tried burping the system as there was coolant sitting on top of the coolant tank to which suggested to me there was a gap under the cap.


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        Coolant levels are good, oil stick isn't showing signs of water in the block, no gunk under oil cap. No leaks anywhere.


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          sometimes they air lock i use to leave the rad cap off and let it tick over for a few mins fm
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            Problemo sorted I think. Loose fitting pipe in the line, was hissing and letting water bubble. Somsystem wasnt pressuring up properly. Will do what you said fm tomorrow.


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              Ok, so had a little tinker this morning and wasn't satisfied. Ran it round to garage that usually deals with the Mercedes. They are gonna flush the coolant, replace and repressurise and see what happens. Blown head gasket has been mentioned at worst case.

              I really doubt that's what it is, it's not blowing white smoke, no gunk in the system anywhere and liquid levels are fine.
              They are going to sort out the intercooler spray also, insert a T piece and have 2 spray jets instead of one.

              Told them I want it back by Tuesday midday latest. Fingers crossed, if not won't be making the meet guys 😢


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                Hope all gets sorted


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                  Hopefully it's just something minor, like a air lock ,coolant leak , faulty pressure cap, iffy sensor or sticky stat .

                  As unfortunately if the headgaskets go on a scoob they don't normally mix oil and water like most cars . Instead they tend to pressurise the coolant system with combustion gasses , sometimes only while on boost at first .
                  if they flush , replace and bleed the coolant , then it does it again. Get them to do a "sniff test" as this tests for hydrocarbon in the coolant, which is only found in the coolant if combustion gasses have entered it 😉


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                    Thanks for the tip Savage. Hopefully they start on it first thing. Told them Inwant it back tomorrow for the meet