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    What can you expect to make horse wise from a single scroll turbo?

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    Depends on turbo model, supporting mods, mapping, etc etc


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      Just been reading on some American scooby website that some guys been duped buying a JDM model. Ended up having a single scroll turbo. Got me wondering now, any easy way to establish wether mine is a twin or not. Hard to see any identification on it.


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        Not too sharp on my newage spec but I'm fairly sure the twin scroll comes with equal length headers , which means it won't have the normal scooby burble sound .

        also that the twin scroll downpipe flange that attaches to the turbo outlet is a different shape .

        if you google twin scroll and single scroll subaru turbo outlet gasket , you should be able to see a visual difference .

        i think twinscroll are slightly more responsive and make slightly more power on the same size stock turbo but only slightly .I much prefer that iconic scooby soundtrack myself 😎


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          You would know straight away its simple twin no burble single you have 😁, i changed my 09 hatch from twin to single but wish i hadn't know tbh, lose of lbft and car doesn't feel as responsive despite going like for like turbo wise.
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            Mine has burble and unequal length headers 😬

            Advertised as a JDM twin Scroll, unequal length headers etc etc. Last rolling road was 351.something ponies. That was 2014. Think it's head some minor adjustments, but no much to change that figure.
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              If it's had a header change to unequal , to bring on the burble sound track . I think you'll have to look at the turbo outlet/ downpipe inlet flanges to see if its twin or single scroll