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  • The Rules for posting "For Sale" thread - PLEASE READ

    It has been noticed that the "For Sale" section is being used by people who have no interest in joining in with the Scoobycity community but just want free advertising space. After talking to Full members the team has decided that the following course of action will take place which will also help protect buyers from unreliable sellers :-

    Only Full members can start a new thread & place adverts in "For Sale."

    Registered users can not start a new thread & place adverts in "For Sale". Registered users can reply to threads so they can make an offer on items for sale.
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  • The New SC Homepage!

    in Home

    The New SC Homepage!

    Looks a bit better than having articles about pigs on bikes, Japanese food etc.. huh!

    This is another huge advantage of the new site, we can promote forum posts to articles to show to all users on this page... the first page they come to.

    If you'd like to see one of your write ups/reviews on here then please create it within the forum as you would usually and then drop Rob or myself a PM and we'll see what we can do

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  • New members, please read here before posting!

    Please be aware that whilst we're a pretty relaxed, friendly and easy going place to spend time with like-minded individuals, we do have one or two rules.

    First, are our guidelines for the standards of driving we expect whilst we're all out together, whether it's on a drive through the countryside, a convoy to an event, or anything else where there is a recognisable group of us together. Secondly, are our rules regarding the advertising and selling of ...
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  • Become a Full Member of Scoobycity (and renewal)

    Please note, that one feature of the new website is an easier and more straightforward way of renewing. The payment and subscription options are located here -

    This will also "subscribe" you to full membership automatically, and will revert back to unpaid status automatically at the end of 12 months, saving Sue the hassle of reminding and chasing you all up
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