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  • Arriving and leaving the monthly meet in Little Melton

    Please bear in mind that we invade the privacy of the residents of Little Melton every month, and we no doubt make what seems like a hell of a racket. The village, and the pub, have been an excellent home to us over the last two years, and we want that relationship to continue, so please show some restraint and respect when entering and leaving the village. Please keep the speeds below the 30mph limit, and do your best to keep the noise to a revving your engines, or spirited acceleration. This way,...
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  • Group/Convoy Driving Guidelines

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    Group/Convoy Driving Guidelines

    In order to maintain a safe, enjoyable, and socially-acceptable club atmosphere for all its member, we issue some guidelines for when we're all driving in a group or convoy. Sticking to these should mean we all have an enjoyable time, and do not alienate the general public, ensuring the future for other club events.

    1. It's NOT A RACE 2. Keep extra distance from the car in front 3. Pace should be dictated by the slowest car 4. Pay extra attention to 30 and 40 limits, even more so in built up areas 5. Be courteous and con...
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  • Scoobycity Review of the Year 2009

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    Scoobycity Review of the Year 2009

    As it's the BBC's "Sports Personality of the Year" this Sunday (come on Jenson, it's gotta be you son!), I thought I'd follow their lead, and do my first review in a couple of years of the clubs' events of the year.

    It's been a bumper year for the club, with a lot of brilliant events, a lot of fun, and some great memories. As with Sports Personality though, there's likely to be your personal favourite that I've missed out, and if I have, I apologise - take that as a sign of what a good year we've had though, and that I couldn't possibly have got everything covered, as I'd still be here writing it this time next year!

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin................


    The year got off to a chilly start, with a few hardy souls venturing out for a gentle drive through the Norfolk countryside to blow away the post-Christmas cobwebs. Some people had to resort to taking photographs of the seaside from inside their car, so reluctant were they to venture out in to the cold.

    Just as cold was the Novice Track Day at Snetterton. This momentous event marked the proper track debut of a certain silver Blobeye WRX driver, who up until now had been better known for his “enthusiastic” comments on his in-car video from the Parade Lap around the same track as part of the Time Attack Finale in 2008......step forward Fezza! Little did we know that this event would be the tip of the trackday iceberg for Fezza, Micared and several others in 2009.


    February Our annual Rolling Road Shootout, held as usual at the brilliant facilities at Clive Atthowe’s, was a month earli...
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